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VR machine comes into the market but OLED panel is in short supply
2017/2/13 10:17:00 瀏覽次數:1284


    PS VR was sold out immediately after put on sales on October 13, officially ushering into global sales war of VR equipment at the second half of 2016. Cai Zhuoshao, wearable devices analyst of Topology Research Institute, research brand of TrendForce, proposes that consumers have large demands for VR equipment in next one to two years, but short supply of spare parts may affect the outputs of general VR equipment, and the supply of OLED panels is the biggest problem causing manufactures cannot manufacture VR equipment.

    VR machine comes into the market but OLED panel is in short supply
   As VR equipment are new to the market, they are inevitably meet the problems in the supply of spare parts, assembly yield and production capacity at the stage of initial production, which leads to short supply at initial stage of sales. Cai Zhuoshao points out HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or SONY PS VR are facing the dilemma of large demands but short of supply, and none of them have enough inventory to meet demands of consumers in upcoming busy season - November and December.

   In addition to higher demands for VR than expected which improves demands for OLED panels, the extensive applications of OLED in smart mobile phones have also affected the production capacity of VR products, and Daydream View launched Google recently further promotes the application of OLED in smart mobile phones, so Topology is predicted not to address the problem of short supply of spare parts of general VR equipment in the next 1 to 2 years.

   With PS4 Pro, SONY is still the biggest winner in the VR competition

   When other manufactures are in the plight of supply shortage of OLED panels, SONY will still be the biggest winner in the VR competition as it will begin to sell PS4 Pro in November. Due to the adding of function features of VR and HDR as well as the updating of host, the sales of game machine of Sony will reach a new high this year, overall sales of PS4 of topology is predicted to reach 18.4 million, and reach 21.2 million as of 2017, with an increase of 15.2%.

   Cai Zhuoshao points out that not only the function of VR enhances the sales of SONY game machine, but also the performance improvement and hot selling of PS4 Pro will in turn increase consumer’s motives to buy PS VR. Consumers’ demands for PS VR will only be on the increase, but SONY must solve the problem of short supply of spare parts. In contrast, competitors of Sony, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift not only face the problems of short supply of VR products due to insufficient supply of spare parts, but also the war of sizing market with PS VR, so they will face more grim tests in the future.



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