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Ministry of development and Reform Commission stressed the need to support the development of VR and AR
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In addition to its own powerful advantages, supports from all walks of life are also vital to the development of an industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission emphasized their supports for the industry of virtual reality and augmented reality, which will promotes the development of this industry.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly published the Guideline to the Development of Information Industry. This guideline aims to implement the Thirteenth Five Year Plan of National Economic and Social Development of People's Republic of China, Made in China 2025 and Outline of National Informatization Development Strategy, to guide sustainable and sound development of information industry during the period of "the 13th Five-Year plan".

    This guideline mentions to support the development and specialization of virtual reality / augmented reality products for many times. The main contents are as follows:

A new round of technological innovation leads to the new changes in the industry. Technology innovation of global information industry has entered into a new era of rapid development, a new generation of information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and virtual reality have evolved rapidly. Innovations of single-point technology and single products are rapidly shifting into systematic and integrated innovations of multiple technologies, innovation cycle has been shortened, and the reconstruction of core technological systems of hardware, software and services have been accelerated, with rapid emergence of new businesses and new modes. Information industry of our country is in the face of the opportunity of leaping strategic development. At the same time, the overlapping between information technology with manufacturing, materials, energy, biology and other technologies is on the increase, so China’s local technical advantages will face new challenges.


Strengthen the construction of standardized systems and the application of intellectual property. It shall further optimize the structures of national standards, industrial standards and military standard systems, support the development of group standards, accelerate the construction of a new generation of industry-oriented information technology standard system both applicable to military and the people, study and develop comprehensive standardized technology systems for intelligent hardware, sensors, smart home, virtual reality, cloud computing, big data, solar photovoltaic, lithium ion batteries. In addition, it shall speed up the revision of basic standards, general standards, safety standards, test methods and standards for key products, and constantly improve specification and requirements in the fields of technology, energy consumption, environmental protection, quality and safety. It shall proactively participate in the formulation of international standardized strategic planning, policy and rules, and promote the standards of China in the field of information and communication to be international standards with the international standard proposal as the core; speed up the formulation of advanced standards urgently needed for China's industrial development, to catch up with international standards. It shall establish patent navigation industry development mechanism, improve the reserves of core technology intellectual property and strategic layout of information industry, to promote the transformation and transfer of intellectual property of innovative technologies; encourage market operators to establish industrial intellectual property alliance and the mechanism of jointly creating, collaboratively using and jointly protecting intellectual property rights, as well as sharing risks; study and formulate operation strategy of intellectual property rights in key areas, perfect operation service systems, and promote the reserves, licensing and transfer of intellectual property rights; support and guide industrial organization and alliance to strengthen the analysis and evaluation of intellectual property rights, to prevent and control risks of intellectual property rights.

development of information industry during the period of "the 13th Five-Year plan".

It shall focus on government affairs, finance, energy, transportation, environmental protection, safe production, e-commerce, digital content and other key areas to enhance the consulting design, software development, integration implementation, operation and maintenance as well as test verification of enterprises specialized in providing information technology services. It shall support information technology enterprises to make breakthroughs in business modeling, remote intelligent inspection, large-scale resource scheduling and management, automated operation and maintenance, data management and other key technologies, and develop Internet operation and maintenance services, network crowdsourcing services, micro services, intelligent services and other new models and new businesses, to strengthen the application and popularization of emerging technologies such as block chain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augment reality in industrial system solutions, so as to accelerate the transformation to high-end value service providers. Moreover, it shall select cities or regions with developed information technology services industry clusters to establish demonstration areas of the application of manufacturing-oriented information technology services. It shall sum up advanced practical experience in the industry, develop and improve relevant information technology service specifications; speed up the research & development and industrialization of comprehensive integration as well as intelligent operation and maintenance platform, and provide more supports for information technology services; implement five-year plan of standardization information technology services, improve and promote information technology service standards (ITSS), and encourage enterprises to speed up standardization and commercialization of services.

rengthen the analysis and evaluation of intellectual property rights, to prevent and control risks of intellectual property rights.development of information industry during the period of "the 13th Five-Year plan".

It shall make breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, low-power and lightweight systems, intelligent perception, new human-computer interaction and other key core technologies, and focus on the development of next generation of mobile Internet and information consumptions of intelligent wearable devices, smart home, intelligent vehicle terminals, smart medical health, intelligent robots, intelligent unmanned systems and other products, customized terminal products for meeting specific needs, as well as mobile intelligent terminal products oriented to special industries and special network; develop high-level "Internet +" artificial intelligence platform to stimulate consumption and enhance supply capacity of industrial intelligent hardware and services; speed up innovation in intelligent sensing technology (NB-IOT), focus on promoting demonstration applications of millimeter-wave and terahertz, Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IOT) intelligent voice and other technologies in the fields of public safety, Internet of Things and other key areas; support the development and industrialization of virtual reality products, to explore the demonstration applications of virtual reality products in the field of design and manufacturing, health care, sports and entertainment; enrich smart home products and focus on increasing supply of smart TV, intelligent sound system, intelligent service robots and other new consumer electronics products, to improve the industry chain of smart home and guide the industry to transform and upgrade towards the mode of "product + service"; promote the application of smart products in elderly care service, to support for the development of health monitoring and management, family care and other wearable equipment; advance innovation and application demonstration of intelligent traffic, to promote the construction of broadband mobile Internet-based smart vehicles and intelligent traffic demonstration areas; and proactively promote the research & development and applications of industrial electronics, medical, automotive, energy s, financial electronic products. 

   Emerging smart hardware. It shall develop intelligent hardware products such as smart wearable devices, on-board devices, smart home products, healthcare products, service robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, and strengthen the development of core technologies such as low-power and lightweight undelaying hardware and software systems, high-precision intelligent sensing, high-performance motion and attitude control, new human-machine interaction, virtual reality, fast charging and lightweight energy storage and "Internet +" artificial intelligence platforms; promote the application of new intelligent devices in key areas; develop innovative demonstration zones and advanced innovation platform, and strengthen the construction of standardized systems.

It shall support the development of core chips, display devices, optical devices, sensors and other core devices, accelerate the development of virtual reality modeling and simulation, argument reality and human-computer interaction, integrated environment and tools as well as other core technologies, support the development and industrialization of virtual reality display terminals, interactive devices, content acquisition and processing equipment; establish virtual reality industry, develop public service platforms, construct standards systems of virtual reality products, systems, and service, and perform product quality evaluation and verification.



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