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OLED R/D Center Have Roundly Put Into Operation
2017/8/2 11:09:48 瀏覽次數:1379
    Semiconductor Integrated Display Technology Co.,Ltd.has successfully established OLED R/D Center and has already put into operation by planing and preparing for more than half year.

    Our center being used OLED fabrication equipment system possesses cluster structure.Such an equipment system has been designed and assembled by our technicists & technicists who are in the light of studying and industrial rich experience and integrate advantage of domestic & overseas equipments.The cluster equipment consists of five vacuum chambers, one transfer chamber with mechanical arm(i.e.,integrated control system) and one glove box with both water and oxygen content lowering than 1 ppm which is uesd for OLED device encapsulation. (1)OLED sample was transfered to each chambers by the mechanical arm control each chamber works;(2)this chamber is for clean sample-ITO substrate; (3)for evaporating various organic functionallayers; (4) and (5) chambers are for magnetice spartering of anode electrode also both chambers also own sources for evaporating cathode;the vacuum degree for all chambers is higher than 10-5 pa.

Cluster structure which composites of five vacuum chamber and glove box with lower than 1 ppm.

Electrical controlling system

Glove box without water and oxygen

    By the way,our OLED R/D centrer also possesses attaching equipments; comprehensive luminescent perfomances of OLED device and fims,the measureament system of aging property of OLED devices, and thickness measureament.


Left:synthetical performance tester of OLED ,right: aging property trster of OLED devices

system of  various nanometer thin film( stem profile)

    OLED synthetical R&D system in our R&D centercan carry through follong woeks.
   【1】 The fabracation of various organic films,metal and metal compound electrode films;
   【2】Construction of various anode film and top-emitting OLED devices with the anode film; 
   【3】Development of OLED device on silicon;
   【4】Experiment of working age of the OLED device; 
   【5】Accurate measurement of film thickness;
   【6】Synthetical luminescence property determination and eevaluation of the OLED device performances. 

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