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Anhui Province's "Four Gets and One Service" Double Thousand Project Research Group came to our company for investigation
2018/5/11 17:05:01 瀏覽次數:1041

       Da Yiwu the member of Party Committee and Chief Engineer of the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission;Li Yuqing the Director of the High Technology Division of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission;Xu Lijuan the Deputy Director of Wuhu City Development and Reform Commission He Xiangyang the Chief of the Administrative Committee of the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge Comprehensive Economic Development, deputy director Fan Yunsong etc. visited SIDtek for research and guidance at 11:00 am of May 10th. Gu the company's Chief and Technical Director Li Wenlian expressed their warm welcome and accompanied them throughout the investigation.

       The head of the research team, Da Yiwu, first publicized the "four-to-one-serve-two-thousand-one-project" policy, and then the research team visited the SIDtek’s exhibition hall and the clean lab. They listened to detailed reports on the company's profile, product introduction, market and applications, and development trends. In addition, they watched demonstrations of the R&D results display chip and proposed a series of constructive advice.

       Afterwards, the research group came to the conference hall. First, Mr. Gu Yun the chief operating officer addressed the guests and introduced the progress of the SIDtek’s project and the future anticipation plan. The technical director, Li Wenlian and Dr. Zhao made the "silicon-based AMOLED microdisplay chip." And" silicon-based microdisplay driver integrated circuit (IC) design" work report. After all, Da Yiwu, He Xiangyang and other leaders made in-depth and detailed comments on the contents of the report and put forward corresponding opinions and suggestions. Wish the hope that SIDtek will seize the good opportunity to do a good job of product development and put it on the market as soon as possible. Actively guide our company to carry out upgrades of industrial parks and other enterprises, make continuous breakthroughs in the existing models, and seize opportunities to continue to grow bigger and stronger.

       Xu Haijun and Zhang Lin the Senior Director of High Technology Department Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Dongyan Associate Professor of Anhui University, Liu Degui the Deputy Director of Wuhu Water Affairs Bureau, Wang Qiang the Deputy Director of the Agricultural Commission, Zhang Lei, the Chief of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Wuhu Yangtze Bridge The Economic Development Zone Management Committee Li Yunhu and The leader of Siltek’s Technology team Ren Qingjiang and Jin Fangming participated in the research activities. (Wu Wei)

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