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     Founded in 2016, Research and Development Center of Semiconductor Integrated Display Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the center) are staffed by over 20 professional research and development personnel, including official scientific research personnel and part-time personnel, more than 50% of whom have master’s degree or above. The center mainly develops LCOS, silicon-based OLED micro display, silicon-based LED micro display as well as related instruments and equipment, etc.
    The center aims to enhance the innovation capability of SID TEK Company as well as the updating and upgrading of its new products, make breakthroughs in key technologies, and rapidly improve the company's performance and transformation of scientific research achievements. Since its founding, the center has developed market source channels and interacted with product research and development, effectively promoting industrial layout, market positioning and product design of the company. Under the support of the leadership of the company and government functional departments, the center integrates internal and external research resources based on its self-developed scientific achievements, to meet demands for VR products at home and abroad, and develops high-tech micro display products, and puts into mass production through the upgrading of technology and finally applies the technology into the production of its related products.
     The center has witnessed rapid development since its establishment, and has set up an ultra-clean laboratory with an area of 500 square meters, introducing various advanced equipment such as cluster-type ultrahigh vacuum evaporation sputtering coating device, super purification glove box, OLED integrated test system, step profiler and OLED life tester, which have laid a solid foundation for research and development.
     In the face of challenges in the development of VR technology and opportunities in market development, the center will continue to adhere to the concept of advanced product design, to seek cooperation with domestic enterprises in the same industry, promote development and technological progress of VR industry in China, and seek for development opportunities in domestic and international market in the future, so as to realize “the Chinese Dream” of advancing global development of VR products.
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