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      SID OLED display device adopts top light-emitting mode. Different from traditional bottom light-emitting OLED, it has many advantages: 

      High light-emitting efficiency

            The waveguide loss of light emitted by top light-emitting OLED is reduced as the light is not transmitted through glass substrate, so its light-emitting efficiency is higher than that of bottom light-emitting OLED;

High resolution

     Top light-emitting OLED can be integrated on an opaque monocrystalline silicon substrate, so its pixel driving circuit integrates more transistors than bottom light-emitting OLED without affecting aperture ratio, thereby enhancing the performance of driving circuit and display resolution;

Better luminescent spectrum

     Because of the microcavity effect, top light-emitting OLED usually has narrower luminescent spectrum and better chromaticity than bottom light-emitting OLED.

     OLEDOrganic Light-Emitting Diode,)As a self-luminous all-solid-state device, the organic light emitting diode (OLED) has the merits of high anti-seismic performance, wide range of working temperatures (-40 to 85 ºC), self-luminance, wide viewing angle, almost infinitely high contrast, low power consumption and extremely high response speed etc. In addition, it is thinner (the thickness of the device is less than 2mm) and lighter, more suitable to be used in near-eye display system. Due to above characteristics, the OLED will lead the great revolution in display industry.







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