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    Micro display products manufactured by our company are characterized by small sizes, light weights and large displays, perfectly combining CMOS technology and OLED technology. The pixel size of our products is 1/10 of that of traditional display devices, with faster response speed. At present, out products can be used as the most ideal virtual reality display terminals in the market of virtual reality technology with fierce competition.

    VR+ movie

   Immersive movie creates an immersive experience for audiences, and surround movies makes audiences feel like experiencing a journey.


    VR+ education
    VR makes boring teaching contents more vivid, and allows students to learn through interaction and bid farewell to learning by rote.

    VR+ experiment
    In a virtual laboratory, no toxic substances will harm the health of teachers and students, and no teachers and students will get injured from accidental explosion, VR makes conducting experiment safer.
    By adopting VR technology, expensive materials can be recycled and expensive experimental equipment are available, lowering the cost of experiments.


    VR+ design
    VR displays design results more directly, allowing users to see final design, which enriches expression techniques of design.


    VR+ medicine
    With VR technology, it is possible to build a virtual human model in virtual environment and repeat surgical simulation, to find the best surgical plan and improve operation proficiency. And VR technology has very important significance in the prediction of surgical outcome, improvement of life quality of the disabled, and the development of new drugs.

    VR+ shopping


    According to the data of Zhongshang Industry Research Institute, market values of virtual display technology in China will reach 55.65 billion Yuan as 0f 2020. According to TrendForce's latest forecast, the total market values of virtual reality technology will be close to 6.7 billion dollars in 2016. If Apple launches VR products, the value may be as high as 70 billion dollars as of 2020.

Scale of VR market (100 million Yuan)   Growth rate


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